Saturday, December 06, 2008


Liv and I go to a group once a week to talk about our grief. It's actually a support group for children, but they have a parent's group that runs at the same time. When this difficult journey began, both Liv and I felt like we were the only family that this had happened to. I wasn't aware of other young widows in my area and none of Liv's friend had lost a parent to death. She was worried that her friends would laugh at her. I felt like a social anomaly.
Somehow, we found a group that deal with loss and grief....not just death, but divorce as well (although the adults dealing with death or divorce are placed in seperate groups as many of our problems are different....though there are some similarities).
I've met other young widows. Liv has made friends that have lost parents. I think both of us feel understood and not so alone when we go to our meetings. I can not say enough about how wonderful and kind the volunteers have been. The understanding Liv has been shown is reflected in her little smiles at the end of each session when she tells me about her feelings and the projects they worked on.
I want anyone out there with children dealing with loss to know of 'Rainbows'. If you know of anyone who is traveling this road, let them know that there are people who understand. If you are not touched by these difficulties yourself, maybe, if you can afford it, send a small donation to this society to allow it to continue helping the little ones and theri parents who feel so lost and so alone.
*The link above is for the Canadian group....Here is one for the US...
Thank you, Rainbows....


Poppy and Mei said...

Jackie I'm so pleased for you & Liv.
Briar will surely benefit too.
Wonderful group, I'm off to see if something similar is available over here.
Love ya...XXxx

Anonymous said...

I am glad you and yours have connected (in person) with others like us..



TheSingingBird said...

thank you for the link to Rainbows here in the US Jackie, I am so glad you and Liv have this support where you are♥