Thursday, March 13, 2008

I will never be a baker...

I thought I'd try the bread thing again, but this time with buns! Evidentally, I'm a crappy baker. The buns looked pretty....but they were little pebbles and were practically GLUED inside the baking trays. I tried prying them out with a knife and ended up having to soak them (with the rock buns inside) for a day and a half before I could scrape them out. Argh. Try, try again, right?

I've made a few of these eggs with removable ducklings from wool in the last couple of days. I'm hoping to post them on Etsy later today.


megan said...

Hi! That is so funny. I am also a bad baker - I tried to make bread twice last week, actually. Failed miserably, both times. Then my husband comes home from work and makes this gorgeous fig-walnut loaf. Oh man.
I like your chick. Good work.

Rach said...

That made me laugh - I made buns last Easter - beautiful recipe with lots of fruit and spice and orange peel (which I love). They were like rocks. Have no idea why, they just were. This year my husband suggested that he may do the buns...

Poppy & Mei said...

Did ya use old yeast, love?
'Cause that'll give ya a rock everytime.
Do keep trying though.
It's a real science...Xxx

Jackie said...

I am never sure if I should reply to people in my comments themselves, on the other persons blog or not comment at all? What is the etiquette for this? Anyone know?
Anyhow, my husband seems to be a better cook than I am as well. Maybe it's because they don't seem to worry so much about the outcome? I don't THINK it's old yeast, but who knows in our cupboards?!
I love all your comments...It's like getting mail...when it's not full of bills! ;)

Poppy & Mei said...

Hey Jackie!
I'm wrestling with the comment thing myself.
I've started to answer in the comments because I confuse myself otherwise & I don't want to leave anyone out.
Your bread turned out great, Gunna try hot cross buns? Xxx