Saturday, January 17, 2009

Rosie's new/old home

Our sweet, funny, Rosie the Rooster has gone back to where he came from....Okay, he did not die. We took back to B&Ps where we got him from. We so would have loved to have kept him. Other than Lucy, he was one of the most friendly and cuddly chickens I have ever seen.
Our neighbours have been very patient but finally expressed their desire to hear Rosie's vocalizations as bubbles in the stew pot rather than an announcement of the forthcoming day.
So to protect Rosie from that fate for the immediate time being (although I cannot prevent a stew pot in Rosie's distant future at the farm), we took him to live with his 'family of origin'.
It was heartbreaking. He sat comfortably and quietly in the carrier as we drove to B&Ps. When we arrived, the kids said their good-byes, and I removed him from the cage. He stood stock still staring at me in disbelief. I apologized to him for the abrupt departure from his little harem and wished him well.
Suddenly, he turned heel and ran in the other direction. Thinking that he had accepted my apology and was ready for his new life, I stood up and turned to see the actual reason for Rosie's hasty departure.
SWEET LORD!!!! It's a bloody, fucking turkey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And a horrifyingly scary/ugly/beautiful/shocking one!
I was actually kind of freaked out myself but I couldn't stop taking pictures of his 'snood' (Thanks, Krista). The stinking turkey followed me around the yard with his plumage all puffed up in a menacing pose. I am definitely not one to mess with a least anymore.
I was about to leave when I spotted Rosie attempting to follow me to the van.
His attempts to come for another road trip were thwarted by this small roostery devil. I didn't know if I should intervene as I know that chickens need to establish a heirarchy and I wanted to be there if Rosie needed help. (God, I am a loser. And yes, I have trouble watching nature shows as I can never handle it when the sweet little meercats get dismembered by the evil hawks, etc.)
But Rosie the Rooster held his own and chased the little devil away. No one got hurt in the filming of these photos either. I promise.
Anyhow, I was just beginning to wonder if that horrifying spectacle of a turkey was what the evil 'Noel' had morphed into when I found her, staring at me with her angry turkey eyes. So she wasn't a 'tom'. She was just a bitch. I left for the van, followed by Rosie, followed by the turkeys and drove away wishing poor Rosie well. I hope he continues to hold his own. He is such a sweetie and we will missed his morning announcements.
Just in case you missed it.......
It's called a 'snood'.......


Krista said...

Teehee I sure enjoyed this story. Don't forget that bit under the snood is called the caruncle. Funny useless bits of knowledge that we hang on to, huh?

ps - I do NOT recommend google searching caruncle if you've just eaten.

Anonymous said...

Ack! I am terrified of turkeys, I will admit it. And I'm also amazed by the rooster battle. I'm glad no one was harmed.

Poppy and Mei said...

Ewwwwwwww, snood! XXxx

hippymummy said...

The rooster rage was the first thing that i thought when you said he was going back to the farm - yep, i'm the other softy who cries at the titles of programmes on the animal world! - an ugly image of cock fighting sprang to mind.
I just wonder, from looking at the turkeys *shudder*, who first looked at one of them and thought 'lunch'???? Surely you'd think something that ugly wouldn't taste nice? there again i don't eat meat at all - and no, i don't think all animals're ugly! - but i would've thought that if i was going to then i'd've picked something nice? There again maybe they chose the turkey 'cos it WASN'T cute? Who knows? Sorry to waffle all over your comment box, i do that sometimes xXx

Ashley said...

Eww turkeys are hideous (but they taste delicious when you brine them and then roast them!).

Thanks for the funny retelling and glad to see Rosie setting the other bird straight!

Jackie in SoCal said...

Jackie, I am so glad that there are others out there who feel the same way about animals as I do. Just the idea of you leaving Rosie behind made me sad (he is a rooster for goodness sakes!). But, he was a loved family pet and I am sorry that he couldn't stay with you and the kids. I am sure that he will do just fine at the farm. could go visit if the kids (or you) start to miss him too much.

Jennifer said...

I love this post but am sad for your poor roosters.
I live in frigid minnesota and there are wild turkeys around here.
I think my neighbors may have been feeding some as there were 4 of them around. I was out for a casual walk(6 mo. pregnant) and the turkeys started to walk toward me. I got a little nervous and started to walk faster and so did the turkeys...I started to run and so did the turkeys...right after me. How foolish i looked being pregnant and chased by those nasty birds. Finally they turned and went the other way.
Hang in amaze me.

indybarb said...

I am a softie for animals too and I feel for Rosie. I hope he is very happy at his new place where the neighbors don't mind his crowing at the crack of dawn!