Wednesday, January 07, 2009

to incubate or not to incubate

Liv has been begging to incubate some eggs again. As you can see, they will be fertile eggs judging from the bald spot on Lucy's head (left bird) inflicted from Rosie the Rooster (right bird). The other two chickens seem to be immune from Rosie's affections thus far. I would enjoy another 'Lucy' around but I am sure that Freckles would too. I've decided that we'll wait until we manage to get a door installed into the storage room downstairs to inhibit Freckles abilities to use the incubator as a personal roasting oven.

Also, when Spring gets a bit closer, I am hoping to give ducks another try. I feel a bit guilty doing it with the trouble we've had in the past but I would so love to have a couple of Indian Runner Ducks or Pekin Ducks hanging in the chicken yard.

But NO MORE turkeys....ever.

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Stacia said...

NO MORE TURKEYS...makes me lol. That story of the turkeys was hilarious. Keep your chin up and try to smile =)