Sunday, March 02, 2008

an afternoon on the farm

We had a wonderful day yesterday visiting some friends and their farm. This is the farm that we farm-sat a few months ago. I would be SO willing to do it again!!! Spring is just around the corner and it is being heralded with the arrival of the sweetest little babies!!!! I had trouble getting a clear picture of the lamb with its', yes, it is peeing but it's still cute, right?
I couldn't believe how tight its' tiny little curl were! Little ringlets the size of pin heads!
The chicks were a big hit too. The mama bird did NOT like being parted from her babies but they were so lovely!

Briar is always initially afraid of things bigger than him (even though the mini donkey are only slightly larger) but he comes around pretty quickly. He was kissing and hugging them. So sweet!
Liv's favourite is Shuffles, the baby mini donkey. She brought her horse grooming gear and gave him a bit of a brushing.

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