Friday, March 07, 2008

General Silliness

I REALLY wish that I could pull this off....Why, as adults, aren't we 'allowed' to dress anyway we want! *stomps feet* OKay, I just had to share these with everyone. I think both of the kids faces are priceless in these pictures. It's almost believable....almost.
It does, however, look like Olivia has incredibly hairy arms....


Poppy & Mei said...

Pah hahahahaha!
How do you do that? Xxx

Jackie said...

It still makes me laugh when I look at them! Jeff just pulled his head back into his shirt and the kids stuck their heads through. You can actually see a tiny little eye peeking through over Briar's shoulder if you look closely!

nizzle said...

These pictures are awesome! I just found your blog (via Matt Logelin's blog) and wanted to reach out to you. Your husband is so tender in all the photos with the kids; it's amazing to see the love pour out of this big man's eyes.

I'm so sorry you're going it alone, but, for what it's worth, you're kicking ass at it.

I'm the crafty type, too, and I have to admit that I've found a few ideas I want to steal here. I love how full of art and creativity your life is; the huge smiles on the kids' faces tells me they love it, too.

Keep putting one foot in front of another. I hope you don't mind another loyal blog reader - I will be back!