Tuesday, March 18, 2008

best play-dough ever

I stumbled upon this book at the Sally Ann quite awhile back. It has crafts and recipes that are SO easy but a tonne of fun. We have made the play-dough in here two times and it lasts and stays pliable for ages. We made it about six months ago and it is still going strong! It is softer and smoother than the store bought stuff and not feeling rough from too much salt like most homemade recipes.
I thought may be someone else out there could use a fabulous play-dough recipe: 500 ml (2 cups) flour
250 ml (1 cup) salt
5 ml (1 tsp) cream of tartar
25 ml (2 tablespoons) oil
5 ml (1 tsp) food colouring (optional, but more fun, in my opinion)
500 ml (2 cups) water
-Mix ingredients in saucepan over medium heat while stirring constantly. It's done when dough starts to leave sides of pan.
- Remove from saucepan and knead for a few mintues once it's cool enough to touch.
*We just keep ours in a closed container when we're finished.
A totem pole!


martha said...

i was looking for this recipe! thanks.
I can't get blogger to let me reply to your comments on my blog, but wanted to say thanks and those dishcloths are super easy to knit. I just googled knit dishcloth patterns and got loads of results.

Rach said...

thanks jackie, we will give it ago. Certainly looks like fun - its propably the number one activity here and we are forever buying new dough. I know I should make it (my mum always did) and now I will!

Poppy & Mei said...

This sounds like the stuff Mum used to make for us. Classics never die do they?
I tend to make the cold version but like you say it is a little gritty...Xxx

thegoodwitch said...

I use this recipe, too! I skip the food colouring and add a few drops of lavender essential oil. Since the playdough only emerges when I nee a break, the oil helps calm everyone right down.

Yarrow said...

Finally tried it. I've had the book for ages. Sophie loved it and so did everyone else, mom & dad, and the brothers too. Thanks for turning us on to it. Check out my blog for our pics.