Wednesday, March 19, 2008

You make my day too!!!

Thanks you SO much Poppy & Mei ! You definitely make my day! It was wonderful to wake up to this gift. It is such a wonderful community here in blog land with all of you! You ALL make my day....but I'll pick a few of you to link to. Thanks for making my day:

Krista - Thanks for the marshmallow making fun!
Rach - I love your comments and your blog.
Purple Grasshopper - Your artwork is fabulous and I love it.
Christina - Thanks for making my daughter's ....years with Maisy.
Kirsten - I know you'll never do this, but you are a fabulous sister and I am SO lucky to have you!


Anna said...

AI like your new header (the rain boots were cute too!).
Thanks for the link to your friends etsy shop... her waldorf dolls are adorable!!!!!! If we weren't on such a tight budget I'd adopt one.

Rach said...

You are a darling! Thank you so much for the award. I have written a little on mine to tell you how you really did make my day!

the puRple gRasshoppeR said...

OH!!!! thank you!!!! I'm so excited about this award!!
can't post today, middle child sick with fever!! but i'll get back to blog land tomorrow!! YOU REALLY DID MY DAY!! thank you thank you thank you

Poppy & Mei said...

You are so very welcome, I'm loving you guys! Xxx