Sunday, March 02, 2008

Seedy Sunday, etc....

I woke up this morning SO excited for the fifth annual Seedy Sunday here in town. It was like Christmas as Krista said.
I went with a shopping list of what I was to buy and what I was NOT to buy ( i.e. tomato seeds - I have six envelopes of various varieties and still found myself perousing the tomato seeds. Argh!) I still came home with a few more packages than I had planned but I was much more refrained than other years.
I have been mentally planning my garden for months and am just itching to start planting. I am hoping to get a load of Sea Soil in the next week or two so I can start the process of planting peas and spinach....brocolli....lettuce....oh, the list could go on.
I've decided to forgo my usual plethora of dahlias this year. I LOVE dahlias. Especially the size AAs (dinner plate size). Isn't it interesting that in bra-size AA is small and in dahlias, it's super large??? Anyhow, I've decided to make the best use of my space with veggies and fruits. I am hoping to grow enough to dry, can, pickle and cold store many of my garden's produce for the Winter. We'll see, as I always seen to have this plan....BUT this year, I have met a few other homeschool mommies that would like to (and have in the past) managed to save much of their produce. SO we are planning to have a canning party...or two or three. I love the community feel of it all!
My sister was with me at Seedy Sunday and it was FABULOUS! We talked and planned together....helped eachother scope out things on our lists...helped make decisions AND share seeds! Now if the cilantro won't grow at my house, maybe it will at hers?
I still have an arbour to build, a bean teepee to construct and a stack of tires to acquire for potato planting. But I am going to love it all. I am planningto give Olivia an area of the garden that is hers to plant in it what she'd like. Every year, I am chasing her out of the soil after the seedlings come up, so this year, she can have her own spot to do with what she'd like. If she'd like to make a puddle, that's fine too. Now if I can find some space for this spot!

Onto another topic! Embarassingly, I have never, ever made bread. Today, we've tried. It is still rising at the moment, but we had a fun (and a bit tense) time gettingit all together. Briar has figured out how to get the lid off the flour canister and spread .....a lot while I wasn't looking. How do moms with eight...heck, three kids, do it?????
After our trip to Brent and Penny's farm yesterday, it seems that we'll be most likely getting a couple of chickens in the next while. Jeff was instructed to build a coop, but he says 'we have a coop, it's called a roasting pan.' (jokingly, of course....Right, Jeff?!) I don't know if he'll get to it before he goes back fishing, so I think I may have to build it. In all actuality, although it would be easier for me to get Jeff to do it; I think it may be fun to plan it and build it with Liv. I so want my daughter to know how to use power tools and a hammer. I just have to do some research about coops first.....
We are looking forward to free-range organic eggs from our OWN chickens!!! No roosters, though.

I am also hoping that our dog, Freckles, can curb his herding impulse enough to let the chickens be!

On the crafty front, I bought some sweet fabric while in town as well. It's so not Amy Butler , Heather Bailey or Anna Maria Horner but it's cute none the less. I especially like the dots.
I amde the kids backpacks this week. Briar has had a backpack fetish for awhile and I was having a tough time finding a child's backpack that wasn't emblazoned with a super hero or a princess. Argh. Anyhow, I quickly made these up for the kids and they love 'em. I love it when that works out.

I have heard nothing from our Etsy store. I have to say that I am getting severely disheartened. I had hoped to slightly supplement Jeff's fishing income with some few dollars that I could make selling my crowns, etc. Waldorfmama started her shop on Feb. 15th and has already sold 27 things!!!! SO awesome for her. I am truly pleased for her....but I am sulking a bit. Anyhow, I am trying not to sound like I 'feel sorry for myself'....but I guess, I kind of do?! :) I guess, I'll just have to keep trying. Okay. That is ALL I'll say about it.


Carle said...

I love your crowns, especially the mushroom one!!!!! stunning!!!!
Oh and your knitting, well, you are so talented! WOW!
Have you seen the pattern for the knitted Mushroom? There is a link on my blog. :-)

Anonymous said...

I really love the backpack you made. It is fantastic. You've inspired me!!!