Tuesday, March 04, 2008

bread's done...

Well, our bread is baked and done...actually, it's been eaten now. It turned out pretty well. I could have actually used it as a weapon (the crust was REALLY hard) but it was soft and delicious inside. The kids were in bed by the time it was done, so they missed out on the fresh bread (poor kids!). I found the process REALLY long. The bread was great but was it really worth the 4-5 hours that it took us?
We actually made homemade butter to go with our bread and had a fresh pot of local wildflower honey as well. Maybe I can find a less time consuming recipe????

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thegoodwitch said...

We've been working on our bread for years! I have finally discovered a recipe that only needs to rise once, includes only yeast, water, sugar (or your choice of sweetener) and flour. I'll idg it up and post it on my blog tomorrow (too late tonight, hehe).

Good job for even makin' your own. butter. We do the same and everyone we know says aloud that we're weird, but secretly, their jealous!