Wednesday, March 19, 2008

marshmallow madness

On Tuesday, Krista and I decided that we would try our hands at marshmallow making. We had GRAND plans - chick shapes, yellow colouring, an unsticky kitchen....We doubled the recipe so we would both have enough. I don't really think we needed to. At our house, we can't finish ours! Don't get me wrong, they ARE delicious, but I think they may be even sweeter than store bought marshmallows (Is that possible?).
The consistency of the marshmallow 'batter' is what amazed me. Any surface you touched was not only afflicted with marshmallow stickiness but it didn't seem to lessen the initial amount that was stuck on whatever you first had stuck. Does that make any sense???? (both the sentence and the concept)
We had a great time! I do think that Krista and I got more out of it than the kids. They enjoyed the measuring, we enjoyed the mixing (by the way, the 'batter' was SO thick that it kept climbing up whippers into the beater!! Wow!) Clean-up was actually A LOT easier than I had expected.
We sat the big pot in water while we went to play outside and it had all dissolve by the time we came back in. Wee-hoo!
As Krista says, it was a great experience, but one that we'll probably only do once.

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Krista said...

OMG I have internet for like 10 seconds! Praise... uh... the internet gods?! Hallelujah! Just enough time to rip a comment off to you -- I was just going to joke that: little do any of your readers know what lies behind that silly grin of mine -- a mouth full of marshmallow goo, if I remember right! I'm glad you didn't mention how ridiculously glutunous I was at getting as much out of that pot for myself to eat, before we soaked that baby!