Friday, June 06, 2008

enough chicken nuggets already

Okay. Yup, Lola is so cute. I love how Lola follows us everywhere. I think it's surreal in a good way watching a chicken peck around your feet while you eat your cereal. BUT I hate chicken poo. It does NOT belong in the house. I've tired of it quickly, I know, but I'm a clean freak. I admit it. It conjures up images of avian flu and I can't help but wonder what types of bacteria are swarming over those little turds.

So, Lola spent the day in the chicken coop in a bid to familiarize her with the fact the she is a CHICKEN - not a human, a chicken. The ladies (hopefully, but I actually think we have four roosters and ONE chicken) were curious but not unkind. I left Lola in the cat carrier as she can easily slip out the mesh of the coop and into the waiting jaws of Fuck-les...oops, Freckles.

We're in the process of putting a chain link fence around the chicken coop in the hopes of slowing down the duck-killer's (aka Freckles) annihilation of the flock. We've decided that the hill beside our house will now be avian heaven (not in the dead sense but in the 'this-is-a-great-place-for-us-feathered-animals-to-live' sense). IF we ever manage to get ducks to hatch and live longer than a few hours after their struggle into this world, we will put a llittle kiddie pool and duck house in as well. I hadn't planned to keep ducks at all but now that we lost our little ducklings, I am loathe to let any least initially.

Marnie returned Freckles to us from his sojourn at her place. I must admit that I was not in the least bit happy to see him.

But all the kids, nephews included, are happy to see the murderer home. Argh. I was hoping they wouldn't notice he was gone. (I think I'll hold this grudge for awhile. Those ducklings represented looking forward and hope to me and the kids. I'm still pissed off.)

See this? THIS is an extraordinarily good dog.

See this?! Take note. THIS is a very naughty, duckling killing, egg-sucking, but kid-loving dog.

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Poppy & Mei said...

It's good to see your sense of humour coming back.
Bloody Fuckles...Xxx