Thursday, June 12, 2008

Lola the coop pooper

She's living in the coop now. I feel a bit sorry for her since she seems to be a bit of an outsider. The other chickens peck at poor little Lola's feet. But she's a trooper and she hangs by herself pecking at small bits of chicken crap and runs over to you when you visit her for a cuddle.
We've decided that the only 'chicken' that we're sure is a she-chicken is now named Lucy...Lucy and Lola sound good together. Please, please, please don't grow any rooster bits, Lola!
This big guy is the one that we are SURE is a rooster. No cock-a-doodles yet, but look at that comb, man! His name is Mr. Chicken. I love this picture. It looks as if Mr. Chicken is about to take out Liv's eye and she's freaking out...In reality, she is singing to him...opera. Or her version of opera anyhow. Silly, Bean.
Oh, and look who's at the fence. If it isn't Fuck-les?! Notice that Eli couldn't give a chickens cloaca about the poultry....But Freckles, damn it.


Neurotic Chic said...

I am giggling at Fuck-les at the fence b/c I have a Fuck-les. LOL We don't have chickens or anything like them - well, cats that our Cody terrorizes, but Cody definitely has the Fuck-les attitude in life. *sigh* I love him, but often want to kill him.

That photo of Liv and the rooster is awesome!

Mrs. B said...

I know what your going through with chicks turning into roosters...6 of our 8 "chicks" have grown into big huge loud obnoxious roosters. So know we have this fabulous chicken coop and all these little laying boxes and only 2 hens. Agate, our favorite little tiny mellow cuddly chicken has turned into rooster also but is maintaining the mellowness. Love the picture of Liv and the rooster, that is great! But I love even more that she sings to them :)