Sunday, June 01, 2008


I realize that these may look too similar, but there are differences in each photo. It was so cool to watch the pollen release from the grass and float in clouds away on the morning Liv's jammies... The pollen is just letting go. You can see slight swirls of pollen around the plants.


Krista said...

Two words for you:

Ah. Choo.

I'm sneezing and my eyes are watering just LOOKING at these photos...

Hope no eggies have hatched yet! See you in a bit :)

Poppy & Mei said...

I came to say the same thing.
I think I probably sneeze louder than krista though...
Ahhhh. That's better.
Bless you , Krista!...;) Xxx

Carle said...

Lucky girl to live that moment!