Sunday, June 01, 2008

meet Lola

We now are the proud owners of Lola, the house chicken. Our awesome friends, Brent and Penny, (what I refer to as B&P's farm here) gave Liv the sole chick that hatched in their incubator. She quickly named him/her 'Lola'. I said she could sleep in the cat carrier for one night....ONE night. I hadn't anticipated a cute fuzzy little chick who HATES to be away from people, follows you everywhere and if you walk to quickly will cry until you go back to scoop her up. She naps in my lap while I type and eats the crumbs off the floor....Okay, I've fallen in love with a chicken. A chicken! She is just so sweet and cuddly. Yes, she is indiscriminate in her choice of poop deposit receptacles (often opting for the floor or in our hands) but she is so cute that I can't help but to overlook it for now. Especially when it brings such joy to Liv and Briar. I love it when they're happy lately. Too many sad faces and moments.

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Poppy & Mei said...

What a pretty little birdy! Xxx