Tuesday, June 03, 2008

hi...sorry it's been so long

I am awful at returning calls and emails....now more than ever. I am so sorry if I haven't responded. I do get them. I do mean to reply but life gets away from me way too quickly. It usually goes something like this:

*receive a message or email from someone kind and thoughtful...okay, even just the bank*
I think to myself, "Oh! I need to call them. I still haven't thanked them for the casserole/lawn mowing/card, etc.! Liv would love to have a playdate and it would be lovely to have a walk around the lake."
"I'll get on the computer/phone and give them a call/message right now while I remember!", as I take the dish soap and put it on the shoe rack wondering, "Why the hell is the battery charger here?!"
"I better go find the phone." I press the phone locating button...I can hear it beeping from some far off location. I follow the noise and along the way, I put a bandaid on a child, I pick up library books, Lola and the dirty diaper discarded by Briar. When I finally find the phone, I can't pick it up because my hands are too full. After putting the phone in my pocket, I put away my load and think, "I wonder if I need to shut off the water to the whole house to fix that tap outside" and wander off to find the wrench and put it in the washing machine.....

Please just know that at one time you were the reason I was searching for the phone or sat down at the computer only to forget why I was there or who I was phoning. Sorry.


Krista said...

I know this can be not funny. I know this can be so painful, really. But this post cracked me up so much. I so understand what you're saying and am so grateful for your sense of humor about it all. I have a strong sense that those who care, understand, and perhaps have even been there, or are there right now themselves. These poor brains of ours and what they're made to endure... It's a wonder.

Poppy & Mei said...

Like before, we are in awe...Xxx
(Oh! Poetry! See what you inspire? ;P )

Anonymous said...

I so get it! Right now I am reading this and I have a naked baby climbing over me, I have a pile of books I was putting away and as I was putting them away I looked in at the computer desk and I saw a few more, as I was walking over to get those books I stepped in yogurt, so then I sat down to wipe it off and naked Avery saw me sitting in the rocking chair and climbed up saying "boobie, boobie". Good timing on reading this post! Hmmm Am I actually getting anything done or just walking in circles? Take care and know you are not alone. xo Danielle