Monday, April 14, 2008

clean sheets

I did manage to wash my sheets....and I feel okay about it. Jeff loved the smell of the sheets dried on the washline. I figure that this is a positive way to remember him too - with the smell he loved.
I did keep one set of sheets stored in the closet and the others I washed. I also continue to sleep with his clothes.
Isn't it ridiculous that I am now writing posts about my laundry habits and which articles of Jeff's clothing I sleep with? It must be royally boring. Sorry.


Neurotic Chic said...

You sound at peace with the choice you made - that's very cool. And certainly not boring to hear about. ;)

Dawn said...

No need to be sorry ;) You have every right to feel the way you do. The sheets on the clothesline do look very pretty. I love the way line dried sheets smell.

Anonymous said...

Reading all of your posts and thoughts just show how much you love every little thing about Jeff, even the things that at some times seem so annoying, you miss. I take one of my husband's shirts with me on vacation if he can't make it, or make sure I have one if he has to go out of town. I shove it into my pillow case, other wise I can't sleep. Having it is comforting, not strange. When the kids miss him and start asking how much longer until we go home they can cuddle it too and it always help them. I am glad that you have so many caring people nearby to help you out and help you through this! Writing it out here is a good way for you to be able to express how you feel, but aren't always able to say directly to someone.

Anonymous said...

Believe... I do for many reasons. Can't wait to connect!