Saturday, April 12, 2008

the less desirable traits

Jeff's snoring drove me insane. I'd rage when I tripped over his shoes at the front door. His horking in the shower revolted me. I'd be spitting mad when he'd fart and pull the covers over my head while I slept....Now those annoying or bad habits are treasured memories. Who would have thought? They were all signs that he was home and with us. Now I would be overjoyed to awoken in the night to the cacaphony of his snoring. I'd pick myself up from the floor and run to find him. I'd try not to complain when he horked.....I may even not complain for one or two 'dutch ovens'.
I wish I still had these things to rage against....instead of raging against the loss of him.

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Krista said...

thank you for this perspective and this sharing.