Sunday, April 13, 2008

to believe or not to believe

I have always wondered, "What happens to us? Is there really something out there?" I am a sceptic - a sceptic who is open to the possibility, but a sceptic none the less. I don't believe in some man sitting in the clouds watching over everything we do. However, I think there is a possibility of some 'higher' power that we don't yet understand. I believe that EVERYONE has the right to believe what they think to be matter what it is. We will all find out in the end, I suppose.
BUT I am having a harder time believing now. Not because I am angry at some possible higher power for 'causing' Jeff's death. Not because I think that higher power could have changed the coarse of events if I had prayed or gone to church. I just think that the whole idea of life after death may be a 'fairytale' that we tell ourselves and others to comfort ourselves when thinking of the possible finality of death. I think that there are amazing occurrences...but they can all be explained as coincidences. I SO hope I am wrong. I would find the idea that Jeff is still with me so comforting. I would love to KNOW that he is here. But that would take faith that I just can't seem to muster right now.
How do we know????


Anonymous said...

You will believe, Jackie, when you are meant to believe. You will know when you are meant to know.
If you would like to connect with him now... set your intention to do so. When alone, close your eyes, breathe deeply, following your breath until your mind clears. Then make the intention to receive from him-keep breathing- and notice any thoughts, images, impressions, or feelings you have. Practice... and soon you'll know that truly there are no coincidences- all is in perfect divine order, and you are loved.

Regina said...


I don't believe God just sits in the clouds and watches over us, He loves us and I believe He understands your pain. I believe that their is a God, who really did send His Son to die in our place, so we could be in Heaven someday. There are too many wonders to explain it any differently. Even the creation of Earth and the events that have happened through the ages point in that direction if you look past our current science books. It doesn't mean He understand how big God really is, but I do believe in Him. Even when Jesus was on earth, the Bible says He wept at the loss of His friend, to me, that says He cares, and He isn't the one to cause the pain, but He is there to help us through it.

Anonymous said...

I don't know about g-d, which is why they call it "faith", I guess.

What I always think about is energy. We are made of molecules, energy. As Einstein said - Energy can change form, but it does not cease to exist. Therefore, all energy that is us, does continue in some form, forever.

Anonymous said...

I wrote you a much too long comment a few days ago, but i can't resist writing again: I found great inspiration + comfort in the books of James Van Praagh, John Edwards + Sylvia Brown (well-known mediums). Their messages were convincing. Why not check them out (most libraries carry them)? Why not let yourself - if only temporarily - believe that Jeff exists, beautifully intact, in spirit form. Just try it on, and if it makes you happy, then allow yourself to enjoy this. Your brain won't solve the mystery of death no matter how much you think about it...So just let go. Please let yourself feel the hope + comfort of believing that Jeff has changed form, only.

Sylvia Brown discusses dreams in one of her books. Your story of your dream of Jeff made me think instantly of this. She claims that very vivid dreams of "crossed over" loved ones are sometimes actual visits. How else could Jeff's spirit reach you? Really, how could something as subtle as spirit communicate with us? It would have to be at a moment when our brains are not over-processing, over-analyzing/thinking/listing/worrying. There is no room to receive a quiet message in our normal right-brain activity mode.

Another too long comment perhaps. I feel for you Jackie, and i want you to be comforted. Why don't you give yourself a week of believing, just to see....

Much love + respect, *Rai*