Monday, April 14, 2008

one good thing

I haven't really been paying close attention to my 'one good thing' task lately. Yesterday, however, was such a beautiful day. I haven't felt like planting the garden since everything exploded but I know that I would regret it in the Summer.
Olivia and I planted the majority of our seedlings, the scarlet runner beans around the base of the bean tepee, and laid boards in a grid pattern in the veggie garden. Olivia and Briar planted sunflower seeds (Jeff's favourite) in the front yard.
My great friend, Marnie, and her little ones came over for a playdate. She mowed the lawn, her husband dropped off a new playhouse for the kids AND she helped scrub the deck and tidy up inside while the kids ran around outside. Although, I haven't felt social at all, it was so nice working beside someone and not having to talk. I wasn't so alone but didn't have to discuss the minutiae of my emotions, etc. Definitely a good thing.


Krista said...

Yay for amazing friends! Unbelievably cool looking treehouse. The kids must love it.

Rach said...

What a gorgeous photo of Liv. Great cubbyhouse and good to hear you had some good bits in your day.x