Friday, April 18, 2008

one good thing today

Today I smiled...really truly inside smile. Not just the pseudo 'See-I'm-doing-okay' outward variety.

I had just left Jeff's workshop with a wrench to fix the hose nozzle under the deck when I passed a little goldfinch on the railing. It just sat there and watched me walk by. I was about 20 cm away from it. This was pretty cool because we've just started having these little goldfinches at our feeder this week for the Spring. The cat even gets really close to them! They are so fearless and sweet. The other day I even saw a little male with all it's bright yellow breeding plumage already intact! I can't wait to see more of them.
Anyhow, I went to the backyard to undo the nozzle. I was bent over the hose when I suddenly felt fluttering on the back of my neck. I thought it was a bug and went to shoo it away. It was the little goldfinch trying to land on my neck!! I looked up and saw it perch on the deck railing above my head.
It made me smile. It made me feel special - like only those little brushes with nature can make you feel.
*P.S. I didn't take this picture. It's one I got off the internet since my camera is still broken...I'm going to check it out tomorrow. I am feeling very naked without it.*


Rach said...

How wonderful! I am so pleased that had a really good smile. x

Anonymous said...

KEYNOTE: Awakening to the nature spirits
CYCLE OF POWER: Summer solstice and summer season
The gold finch is named for its summer costume of shiny yellow feathers on its body. It also has black wings and a black cap on its head. This color combination is very symbolic.
Black and yellow are the colors of the archangel Auriel. These colors in meditation and ritual are used to invoke that aspect of this being that oversees the activities of nature spirits- the fairies, elves, and devas. The high point of activity of nature is during the summer, its highest point being at solstice itself.
The presence of goldfinches usually indicates an awakening to the activities of those beings that are normally relegated to the realm of fiction.
Goldfinch can help you to deepen your perceptions so that you can begin to see and experience the activities of the nature spirits yourself. This deepening of perspective is reflected in the black cap- awakening to that which is normally hidden from view.
Goldfinches are usually permanent residents, and in those areas where they can be found, you can also find the fairies and the elves. Goldfinches like border areas and young brush growth found at edges and borders. Edges and borders are intersections where there are natural doorways to that other realm of life.
Even their nesting habits reflects this link to the border areas, the 'Tween Places. They build their nests in a fork on an outer branch high in a tree. It is usually made of thistledown. Thistle has a long association with nature spirits and the healing aspects of animals. Blessed thistle was once used to invoke the god Pan. Thistle has been a symbol of endurance. It is through endurance and persistence that we can open to the Realm of Faerie once more.
Goldfinches are birds that can help us connect with those nature spirits that can show us how to heal animals- wild and domestic.
Goldfinches are rarely silent. This in itself is a reminder that Nature is speaking to us constantly and that we should learn to listen and communicate with it from all levels. It reflects that the nature spirits are around us at all times.
In the winter, the male loses its black cap, and the bright yellow turns to an olive yellow. This also reflects the connection of goldfinch to the world of the nature spirits. In the winter, they withdraw, working more within the earth, rather than in the outward expressions which are more evident in the spring and summer. It does not mean that they are not there, but rather that they may not be as easily perceived.
The goldfinch also has an undulating (an up and down movement) flight pattern. This rhythm and pattern can be used in visualization to help loosen the subtle energies of the aura and facilitate leaving the body. The wave pattern also reflects the ability of the goldfinch to lead us to the inner and to the outer realms, from the human to the Faerie, from the physical to the spiritual.

from ANIMAL SPEAK: The Spiritual and Magical Powers of Creatures Great & Small

Anonymous said...

Hi Jackie.
I forgot to sign the last comment.

I love this book, and like to look up what it means when animals 'speak' to me.
Thought I'd share.


Dawn said...

What a wonderful thing to have happen to you. I don't think that sort of thing happens very often at all. What a beautiful photo of the Goldfinch- even if you didn't take it ;)

Randi said...


I just discovered your blog (Linked from Big and Little). I think it is great that you are finding joy in the simple things in life right now. Your journey must be so very difficult at this point, but I know that healing will come with time.

Prayers are being sent your way today.

Mama Randa Morning Glory said...

Truly your encounter is a special thing. Birds don't flutter by just anyone! If we listen, we will hear more of what we are missing. Wishing you more deep smiles.

Anna said...

What a sweet moment.